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Skin Cancer Removal

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Skin cancer on the face is particularly common amongst people of Caucasian descent. In particular, the Basal cell carcinoma or the Squamous cell carcinoma can be found on noses and lips. 



This surgery can be performed under local anesthesia. The removal of these tumors with a safe margin is key in treating these conditions. The excised tissue must be examined by a pathologist to determine if the excision of the cancer is complete and the wound closure must only be performed after the pathologist has verified safe margin achievement. Reconstruction can be undertaken on the same day in some cases.The reconstruction technique depends very much on the localization of the tumor and its size with suture removal after 7 days.

Hospital Admission:               Outpatient

Recuperation Time:               1-3 weeks

Post Surgery:                            Patient must cool the area and apply a compress for a day. Expect swelling up to one week.