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Breast Augmentation

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For women that are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts, augmentation is an effective option. Breast augmentation is procedure that enlarges the female breast by implanting silicone cushions under the breast glands. Though silicone implants have been proven to be a safe, there are, differences in the quality of available implants. It is therefore essential to only use high quality implants in order to minimize the chance of long-term complications. Modern implants offer a protection against leakage by means of "cohesive silicone gel". That means that in case the implant ruptures, no silicone will leak out. If patients opt not to have silicone implants can choose an implant that is filled with saline. However, clinical studies have shown that there are no less health risks in comparison with the cohesive gel implants. The texturized surface of the implants reduces the chance of developing a capsular contraction (A reaction of the tissue surrounding the implant in the breast which can lead to pain, discomfort and an irregular shape of the breast) There are two different types of implants on the market: The anatomical shaped implants and the round implants. Anatomical shape implants are used primarily in reconstruction of the breast after breast cancer.

The implant can be positioned in front or behind the breast muscle. Placing the implant behind the muscle offers several advantages such as a lower chance of the long-term complication "capsular fibrosis". Also a more natural appearance can be achieved, especially in women with very small breasts.


This very standard and effective procedure performed under a general anesthesia. A drain might be placed in the wound to collect fluid that will be removed on the first day after surgery.

Hospital Admission:                    Daycare

Recuperation Time:                     3 weeks

Post Surgery:                                 After the first dressing change, the patient will begin to use a sports bra, preferably one with an opening at the front with broad elastic bands.