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 Mommy Makeover


stretch marks, abdomen, tummy tuck, pregnancy, navel, lift, makeover, sculpting 


The term 'Mommy Makeover' describes the correction of two common consequences that women experience after giving birth to a child and breast feeding it. These physical changes are to the breasts and abdomen. Very often Mommies are unhappy with their post baby body transformation and pursue ways to improve their bodies after the baby is born.

A Mommy Makeover combines a Tummy Tuck with a Breast Lift thus reducing the recovery time and cost incurred if these two procedures were performed individually.


These very standardized and effective procedures are performed under a general anesthesia. A drain might be placed in the wound to collect fluid that will be removed on the first day after surgery.

Hospital Admission:              2 to 3 days

Recuperation Time:               4 weeks

Post Surgery:                           After the first dressing change, the drain is removed from the wound. The patient will begin to use a sports bra, preferably one with an opening at the front with broad elastic bands and wear an abdominal binder to reduce swelling.