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Prosurgicare Services
"Find Your Fabulous" 
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Are you considering aesthetic surgery?

Why not come to the beautiful island of Jamaica and enjoy our world renowned Caribbean hospitality!

Prosurgicare Services LTD

 Is a Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery practice that is dedicated to delivering first class medical services at affordable prices. Our board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jan Hochtritt, and his team are looking forward to welcoming you in our practice to help you Find your Fabulous!



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Reconstructive Surgery

Some injuries, cancer or birth defects leave patients with severe mutilation that not only cause pain but also cause low self-esteem and social phobias.

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Aesthetic Surgery

More than ever, people have the desire to enhance their beauty by means of Plastic Surgery. Aesthetic Surgery offers numerous techniques to correct the look of almost any part of the body.

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Hand Surgery

The human hand is a true natural wonder and a unique multi functional tool. Capable of expressing emotions, performing the most complex fine movements.

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Plastic Surgery in Jamaica

Put your feet up in a caribbean paradise while saving money. Make this trip your Plastic Surgery experience.

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